Backpacking Tips

Hopefully here, we’ll be able to shed some light on those things every novice backpacker wants to know before getting on that plane, including what to pack, how much does it cost and should I really take my hair straightener and that fifth pair of shoes…

Items that have helped us so far
Paw Paw ointment – boys and girls you will get incredibly chapped lips and you will probably fall over drunk, so pack a tube.

iPad – just do it.

Speaker dock – yes it’s kind of big and heavy but will get the party cranking or block out other unwanted noises. We’ve used ours heaps, in hostel rooms, even on the train.

Power board – we’re simultaneously charging 2 iPads, the camera and running the speakers and it’s awesome.

Plastic knife and fork set – for eating Nutella and making Nutella sandwiches in inappropriate places.

Comfortable shoes to walk in – I still don’t have any and I cry every day. My feet are a train wreck.

Earplugs – do not underestimate the power of these little babies or the grief caused by street noise and snoring.

Things we wish someone had told us before we left home

Coming soon…


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