We knew there were pigeons in London, but this many feathers??? Day 2, Sunday September 2

5 Sep

On our only night in London until December we managed to have beers, eat Mexican, get into a feather fight on the street and bought nearly a kilogram of M&M’s in 22 different colours.

We stayed at St Christopher’s Inn, Hammersmith for the night. It was extremely noisy, way too hot and I think there were bedbugs because I have a suspicious looking rash on one of my arms and I also found a small brown bug alive in my hair at Stansted Airport.

What we saw of London we really enjoyed. We had a wander around London’s West end and, ordered the hottest dishes off the menu at Chiquitos Mexican Restaurant and visited M&M’s World, which in retrospect is just a very colourful four-storey gimmick.

We were walking back to the tube station later in the evening and there were piles of white feathers, up to thigh height, literally everywhere around Piccadilly Circus, and outwards for about a half a kilometre radius, even inside shops. We later realised that the Piccadilly Circus Circus had dropped them from top of building height as part of a performance. Much to the chagrin of dozens of City of Westminster street cleaners, fun was being had by all, with a massive feather fight breaking out around the memorial fountain. It just looked like an impossible task to try to clean it up.

It was sad to leave surprisingly warm London after just one day, because there’s so much more we wanted to see and do and eat, but Ibiza was calling… loudly.

St Christopher’s Inn, Hammersmith


It’s right on top of a tube station and has a pub attached. It also had free wifi.


Room was too hot, the noise from the pub and then later from guests coming up to their rooms from the pub was pretty unbearable when we knew we had another flight the next morning.
Also suspected bed bugs and at least one other type of bug. I think the hostel has an 81% rating on Hostel World, but I wouldn’t give it that much.

LONDON (half day judgement)
Loved what we saw – there’s an awesome mix of newness interspersed with history in the form of beautifully preserved buildings and monuments.
English chocolate and milk is amazing. I almost bought a box of Ready Brek but would have had nowhere to put it so no Ready Brek for me until December. 😦

In the air 21 hours
Total travelling including flights, buses, airport time
About 36 hours.



















One Response to “We knew there were pigeons in London, but this many feathers??? Day 2, Sunday September 2”

  1. Kimmie September 5, 2012 at 9:45 pm #

    Wow!! The feathers! That would have been
    Brill ! Did you eat the whole kilo of m&m’s in London or has it made its way to Spain??

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