Trains are awesome! Kuala Lumpur to London. Sunday September 2

5 Sep

WE were blown away by the efficiency and convenience of public transport in Kuala Lumpur and London.
Having dealt with the impact of a poor public transport system extensively at work, it’s easy to appreciate a network that is well planned and implemented and simple – even when you don’t speak the countries’ language.
We had a 10 am flight from KL to London and somehow thought we were getting on at the domestic airport, not the international and so bought the wrong tickets, not to mention getting to the station with 2 minutes until the train left, forcing us to run to the platform (me with 18.5 kg on my back and another 6+kg in hand) and got on just in time.

Luckily we realised which airport we were going to while on the train and just stayed on the train for the International airport stop.
Anyway, the point is that we were easily able to pay the difference when we got off and there was no Transperth guard trying to slap a $150 fine on us. And the train actually goes to the airport.

Other things that are cool about trains:
1. At KLIA there is a train that takes you from the main part of the airport to the boarding gates. It went down a hill and through a tunnel and it was awesome.

2.The London Underground is also awesome. You can go anywhere and it’s easy to understand. The tube map is cool and the stations have cool names like ‘Cockfosters.’ It can be expensive though.

3. We caught the Stansted Express from Liverpool Street Station right to the airport (again, are you listening Perth?) for our Ibiza flight on Monday. That was also quite expensive – £45 for both of us for about a half an hour journey. But there is free wifi!


So, coming back to the 12.5 hour KL to London journey. We ate Burger King at KL airport. It was yum. Spent the rest of our Ringgit on snacks for the plane, but Malaysian Airlines feed you so much food! And it was all really good.




So many sweets on the plane :s


One Response to “Trains are awesome! Kuala Lumpur to London. Sunday September 2”

  1. Kimmie September 5, 2012 at 9:52 pm #

    Yummo! Didn’t realise you could get magnums on a plane!! Hee Hee! Perth trains are clean though!!

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